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So much to be thankful for

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet (Muslim proverb) Enough is a feast. Buddhist proverb Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good (Maya Angelou). Piglet noticed that even though he had a very … Continue reading “So much to be thankful for”


In 1957, almost 300 years after Diego Velazquez painted Las Meninas (1656), Picasso painted and sketched 44 interpretations of the masterpiece. Between August 16 and December 30, 1957 Picasso explored every aspect of the painting creating versions of the painting as well as almost daily sketches of the different characters in Las Meninas. While Velazquez’s … Continue reading “Velazquez..Picasso..Hamilton”

11 November 1620

After sailing for eight weeks across the Atlantic, the Mayflower reached Plymouth Harbor. …but at night the winde being contrary, we put round againe for the Bay of Cape Cod, and vpon the 11. of Nouember, we came to an anchor in the Bay, which is a good harbour and a pleafant Bay, circled round, … Continue reading “11 November 1620”

Picture of the Month

While I was looking up info for the wartime evacuation of paintings, I came across the really fascinating start to the Picture of the Month concept that was initiated by the National Gallery in London during wartime. The Gallery had just purchased and exhibited a Rembrandt painting in an otherwise empty museum. Following this exhibition, … Continue reading “Picture of the Month”

Hide them in caves and cellars

On August 23, 1939, in preparation for the impending war, the National Gallery in London closed its doors to the public and took down all its paintings. In addition to sending children away from London, the treasures in its museums inlcuding 1000s of years’ worth of historical documents like the Magna Carta, and its large … Continue reading “Hide them in caves and cellars”

Seeing or Being Seen?

We are looking at a picture in which the painter is in turn looking at us. A mere confrontation, eyes catching one another’s glance, direct looks superimposing themselves upon one another as they cross. And yet, this slender line of reciprocal visibility embraces a whole complex network of uncertainties, exchanges, and feints. The painter is … Continue reading “Seeing or Being Seen?”

A River Runs Through It

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and it’s not the same man. Heraclitus. I was born upon thy bank, river My blood flows in thy stream, And thou meanderest forever At the bottom of my dream.’ Henry David Thoreau Life is like a river, sometimes it … Continue reading “A River Runs Through It”

Clare de Lune

Your soul is a select landscape Where charming masqueraders and  bergamaskers go Playing the lute and dancing and almost Sad beneath their fantastic disguises. All sing in a minor key Of victorious love and the opportune life, They do not seem to believe in their happiness And their song mingles with the moonlight, With the still moonlight, sad and beautiful, … Continue reading “Clare de Lune”


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