Richard Mosse: Peace Attack

This is an analyis my sister wrote of a piece she saw in a photography exhibition in Winter Park, Florida. Richard Moss is a documentary phographer who gained fame after he documented the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is known for using infrared color film.

“The most striking thing about this piece is its color.  Instead of the black and white image or forest greens that one expects, there is a vibrant and bold pink over the image.  The color is unnatural and artificial – not something one would ever see in this setting.  It takes over the entire piece – and gives it a surreal feeling. I was impressed by the juxtaposition in this artwork – the vibrancy and brightness of the colors are in sharp contrast with the darkness of the subject matter.

The artist has also portrayed layers and depth in this piece – one figure is placed closer to the viewer than the second figure instantly creating a sense of depth.  The sense of layers and depth are heightened by the trees and other foliage in the background.  The overall piece has a sense of depth.  The artist further added to the sense of space by making the viewer try to look into the distance where the two figures seem to be looking.  They are looking in different directions, and the viewer feels a sense of great space and distance by trying to see where the two figures are looking. 

The piece has been anchored by the seated figure, who is not completely centered but is off a little to the left.  The standing figure on the right balances the figure on the left. The horizontal lines in the piece (on which one figure sits and the other one rests) also provides balance to the vertical positions of the two men.”

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