My Poor Overworked Phone

In 8th grade we were asked to write about our relationship with technology (or something like that – i cant remember the exact prompt). I don’t think this is what my English teacher was expecting:

            I should unplug and connect with my family because I think it would be nice to give my poor overworked phone a break.  All week long the phone is a workhorse – it works at 2000% capacity.  At any given time, it is playing music for me, letting me search various extremely important things on at least ten different browsers, letting me send and receive texts at the speed of lightning, downloading email form my personal and my school account, keeping me up to date on all activity on Snapchat, refreshing my Instagram feed, keeping me apprised on everyone’s every move on Facebook, letting me switch between a movie on Netflix and a movie on Amazon Prime, and telling me exactly where I am every second of every day on both Google and Safari maps. 

I may not know for extended periods of time where my family is – but I know every second that I am awake – and probably asleep too – exactly where my phone is.             

My phone needs a break from me so it can relax, rejuvenate, and recharge its batteries by connecting in peace with its charger – without the constant interruptions from me even when it is trying to charge itself. 

And perhaps while it is doing that, I too will get a chance to recharge my batteries, and to connect with what’s really important in my life.  I too will get the chance to nourish my soul by spending a few peaceful and meaningful uninterrupted minutes with my family.